Sage Intacct is the only IFRS 15 compatible cloud accounting solution.

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) 15 was introduced in 2018 to modernize and unify revenue recognition requirements allowing for comparable reported values across and within industries, sectors, and capital markets.

Though these new requirements were designed to cause as little disruption to the accounting processes as possible, some businesses and industries may find managing the migration more complex – including many SaaS providers whose contracts offer variables terms, prices and deliverables for their array of contracts.

Britec has invested significant resources to understand these challenges and have a process to help migrate recurring billings to Sage Intacct while satisfying new IFRS 15 reporting requirements.

Native CPQ Integration

Thanks to native CPQ (Configure – Price – Quote) integration built directly into Sage Intacct, finance teams are able to:

  • Reduce quote-to-cash processing time by up to 60%
  • Cut the financial close by up to 79%
  • Increase operational cash flow by up to 20%
  • Grow up to 400% without additional finance headcount
  • Reduce revenue-forecast variances to less than 10%, which can increase valuation in fund-raising

Subscription Revenue Management Software to Increase Cash-Flow

Smarter subscription management software - from quote to financial forecast.

Automate invoices, payments and reconciliations to manage and maintain cashflow with the revenue and software subscription management tool available with Sage Intacct.

Seamless integration throughout Salesforce CQP and Sage Intacct financials reduce setup and maintenance costs, to ensure information from quotes or contracts migrate without rekeying. Sales and Finance are then able to share up-to-date information, enabling more informed management decisions.

  • Regularly reported DSO decreases of up to 30%
  • Free up cash-flow for hiring or acquisitions,
  • Show on-books future cashflows to potential investors

Define & Measure Success with SaaS Metrics

Our SaaS metrics dashboards calculate CAC, CLTV, CMRR, Gross Churn, Customer Churn, and other critical KPIs, providing the necessary tools to define and measure growth today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Britec have the processes in place to leverage Sage Intacct’s tools & features into the daily operations of businesses in the following stages:

  • Early-stage firms to prove revenue models
  • Growth-stage firms to prove net renewal models
  • PE-funded firms to expand EBITDA

Build Subscription Billing

Automatic and agile billing – driven directly from your contracts – allows for the iteration of pricing models that deliver greater value to prospects and customers while allowing opportunities for innovative pricing and profit-taking to present themselves.

SaaS companies who have created innovative pricing models utilizing Sage Intacct have seen significant results, including:

  • Increased CMRR of up to 30% with new billing models
  • Increased add-on sales and CLTV of up to 15%
  • Reduced churn by as much as 2%

Understand what this process looks like for your business.

Britec has over 20 years of experience onboarding new accounting solutions into established small-to-medium businesses, all with their own unique challenges, be they legacy systems integrations or atypical reporting requirements. Book a consultation today to see what our honed-in process might look like for your SaaS business.

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