Intacct Video Reviews & Case Studies

Sage Intacct has empowered established and growing businesses in Canada and the US. See some of the best video reviews below.

Featured Review: Sage Intacct & Creative Dining Inc.

Why they chose Intacct:

  • A modern cloud based accounting system
  • The price point was very reasonable
  • “Local units saved 5 hours a week every week.”
  • Cash flow improved by $176,000

Featured Review: Sage Intacct & Wistia Inc.

Why they chose Intacct:

  • Make decisions based on financial data that is accurate, reliable, and received much faster.
  • Multi-dimensional reporting capabilities
  • Grown 32 million in annual revenue

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Choose an Intacct Review or Testimonial video below to watch and read more information. had unscalable financial processes and lacked visibility in their growing software company. They lacked tools to make the company audit ready and GAAP compliant. With Sage Intacct software and integration with Salesforce, they transformed their business.

  • $ 2.5 million in income
  • Closed the books 75% faster
  • Greater visibility of cash flow
  • Better customer retention

The company needed more visibility and control for their growing business and preparing for IPO readiness. They switched to Sage Intacct: revamping with billing use cases, revenue guidelines, and financial controls.

  • Saved $80K a year
  • Shortened financial close from 15 to 7 days.
  • Reduced time to bill by 50%

Geo Technologies is a full service geotechnical engineering firm who work on a project basis. They needed a more capable software solution to gain visibility and keep finances stable: they turned to Sage Intacct.

  • Real time data
  • Track dimensions
  • Monitor important trends

This company delivers seamless integrated payment and software solutions to small to medium sized businesses. Still, they were internally manually consolidated three entities with ill-equipped software. i3Verticals went with Sage Intacct because they could consolidate multiple entities and had an intuitive interface.

  • APIs to other key applications
  • Insight to experiment with new billing methods
  • Grew from 3 entities to 25 entities

Jobvite was growing fast and had scalability issues. They were unable to see the full life cycle of their customers which caused frustration. They decided to go with Sage Intacct which helped them grow their business into mid-market and enterprise.

  • 80% of time spent on bookkeeping now spent on analytics
  • Many integratable applications
  • Bill customers in their local currencies

Modern Billing faced growing billing challenges as their SaaS company grew. Billing accuracy suffered and took too long. The Sage Intacct app “contracts” provided a total solution for their billing needs.

  • Less steps processing billing lead to a streamlined process
  • Monthly billing down from 80 hours to 20 hours
  • Improved accuracy of billing

This leading provider of cloud file services was wondering how to manage their growth. They were finding that manually entering new orders into Quickbooks took too long. They moved to Sage Intacct which allowed automation.

  • Streamlined order process from 2 days to 15mins
  • Complete view of the customer

This staffing and recruiting company needed a better system to create and track automated workflows for the staff they brought to their clients. Premiere utilized the modern and customizable workflows in Intacct, while creating a single point of data-entry for their teams.

  • Reduced missed revenue from lost commissions
  • Improved communications between sales and finance
  • Increased profits by 100%
  • Saved 55 hours monthly
  • Payback in 9 months
  • Streamlined sales and planning
  • Pulled accurate timely data

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