We can help you plan, build, and launch an optimized eCommerce experience.

In 2023 and beyond, online commerce is moving from 'important' to 'required' - how is your business adapting?

While opening an eCommerce store is very different from opening a physical location, don’t be fooled into thinking that is an easy process. It is better to think of it as a different process. The goal of selling products and/or services is the same, but the requirements to set-up and manage eCommerce are very different.

Britec can help you plan for an ERP-integrated eCommerce platform and then work with you to fully execute it: from planning to integrations to launch.

Why is "Integrated-eCommerce" so important?

Early in your eCommerce journey, it is very important to understand that the platform that runs the store is only 25% of the process. It is relatively simple to create a Shopify, Big Commerce, WordPress, or any other type of online store…

The remainder of the journey is making it work with all your accounting, inventory, CRM, and ERP systems (and we haven’t even gotten to fulfillment).

That’s what we mean by Integrated-eCommerce. Properly built, an eCommerce system should fit your business like a glove.

How can integrated eCommerce benefit your busienss?

  • Reduce Overhead Costs

    A growing eCommerce store helps you mitigate the need for constant expansion through new locations. Your audience can come to you.

  • Speed Up Transactions

    Your customers can browse and create their orders anytime, resulting in less back and forth (and a more informed customer).

  • Make Repeat-Business Easier

    Integrated with intelligent marketing automations (email/text/ads) you can create automated reminders and follow-ups to re-order or introduce new products.

  • Reduce Support Requests

    Having a web-portal where a customer can view past orders and invoices help reduce requests that traditionally are done manually.

  • Order from Anywhere

    A proper online store that functions on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices (tablets/phones) allow your customers to engage you anywhere with internet access.

How we can help!

Britec can help guide your eCommerce plans, helping you find the ideal platform, as well as fully understand what is involved.

eCommerce isn’t easy, but with the right team (and the right plan) it can appear that way. Britec can help you navigate the twists and turns of eCommerce, including:

  • Which eCommerce platform to choose?
  • Custom design
  • Inventory & ERP Integrations
  • Accounting and invoicing integration
  • Order fulfillment

We have the experience and expertise to make your website content management painless.

A content management solution needs to be chosen based on the needs of your organization.

Our implementation specialists ensure that your content management system is uniquely configured to the needs of your website content.

We can help you integrate with both Cloud-based eCommerce (such as Shopify or Big Commerce), or help consult you on a Private eCommerce system (such as CommerceBuild).

We will also make sure that key stakeholders are personally trained in how to get the most from content management, and that video and text documentation exists to train others in the future.

Your value proposition and business model need to be fully understood if a successful online strategy is going to be created.

Often, a business will jump right into the web design phase, bypassing this critical step – the result of which will result in key information that the design and content creation teams need to help your website or eCommerce site reach its full potential.

How you support and empower your customers becomes more important than ever when you launch eCommerce.

Building strong customer confidence means that a solid support-system for customer orders both pre and post purchase is critical.

Whether you are using an online support tool (like Zendesk) or once built into your CRM or ERP system, Britec will make sure the quality of your customer service only goes in one direction. Up.

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