Financial management software just took a 'quantum-leap' forward.

In 2023, businesses need rock-solid finance and ERP platforms to run their businesses on. The worst decision we can make is to try and solve 2023/24 problems with 2005 solutions.

That is why Britec works with Acumatica to empower Canadian-based businesses from Calgary to Toronto with a business accounting platform that integrates to the services they want, is ready for the mobile workforce, and has ‘growth-friendly’ costs which are ready to scale with your needs.

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How Acumatica will empower key team members or departments

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  • For the Business Leader / Founder

    Make decisions faster, from anywhere. Gain visibility into all aspects of your business from revenue & profit margins to product quality and customer experience.

  • For the Finance Lead / CFO

    Acumatica provides 24/7 access to the accurate, real-time information you need to analyze and report on the financial health of the organization.

  • For IT Leader & Managers

    Acumatica plays nice & helps streamline IT management, so you can do more with less and still keep your organization on the cutting edge.

  • For Operations Teams

    Acumatica empowers ops to make strategic decisions faster and empower your whole team to keep operations running smoothly.

  • For Sales & Marketing

    Optimize performance and drive revenue with the addition of our CRM platform. Access your data anywhere & turn opportunity into revenue.. faster.

A message from Britec CEO, Roger Katarey on our Acumatica partnership.

One of Britec’s key offerings has been empowering our clients to have the best accounting software solution for the needs of their business. For over 32 years that has been centered around Sage software.

We remain a strong & focused Sage software partner. Over the past few years, we have been listening to the growing needs of our clients. We have decided to diversify our accounting software portfolio.

I am excited to announce that we’ve formed a new partnership with Acumatica. Acumatica is a complete cloud-based accounting and ERP platform.

Here are a few reasons I am excited about Acumatica:

  1. A true cloud-based solution (ready for remote teams out of the box) that can be hosted in a public or private environment.
  2. It is affordable for the growing number of small & medium-sized businesses. The product is highly scalable. Out of the gate, all employees can be on-boarded with their role in the company.
  3. The user interface is very functional and easy to use.
  4. The product out-of-box offers many business functions that allow the organization to be fully digital.
  5. There are many modules built in as a core offering. A few include manufacturing, distribution, project accounting, construction, field service, CRM, and multi-entity.
  6. This is a powerful platform for customization & automation that uses current computing tools.

I’d love to chat with you more about Acumatica. Feel free reach out to me to start a conversation. You can get more information on about Acumatica on our website:

Thank you,
Roger Katarey

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