At Britec we're seeing more and more backup & security problems

To us, one of the first things that needs to be in place for your IT is a backup and security. Systems, disaster plans, the works…

Fear is never a tool that we want to use on you. There is a difference between scaring you – and getting your attention and educating you about the risks to your data and network.

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Key Risks in 2022 which impact Security & Backup

When Data-loss or Ransomware prevent your team from doing their jobs - every hour or day you're offline represents lost revenue. Are you prepared? Here are some of the risks you face:

Malicious software, or malware that encrypts data on your systems making it unusable. A malicious cyber criminal holds the data hostage until the ransom is paid.

A security threatening program could be installed into your system.  When these Ransomware situations do occur they can be very costly. The report estimated that the average ransomware payment is US$154,108 and 27 per cent of impacted organizations paid up – with the average cost of downtime estimated at US$274,200. (CTV)

Having back-up can help prevent damage from a disgruntled employee or inside man working for the hackers. When people run familiarity with your systems it also allows them an easier time with sabotage.  One such Ransomware is called affiliate ransomware.  Where hackers will approach people in the company and try to corrupt them.

Employee mistakes happen, most are minor. But sometimes a mistake can happen that puts your systems down or makes them unable to use. Giving you unwanted downtime. Having good backups enables them to put back the data they’ve lost.

Even hardware has problems.  Alot of your systems are created with complex individual parts. It is important to plan for the eventuality that these things can and do fail.

It could be a simple as a squirrel causing a power surge or outage, or something more such a once in a lifetime flood.  Natural disasters can happen to anyone at anytime. Having back up will leave you feeling secure.

“The night is dark and full of terrors.”

Covid has greatly accelerated the number of threats out there, and the methods at which those threats can compromise your systems. We wish the world could be different, but we need to take it how it is.

That means being prepared. Let’s have a conversation about how we can help you strike the right balance between preparedness and cost.

What are the risks of not having security & backup solutions?

  • C-Suite, Owners & Managers

    Company leadership is now shifting away from their goals and needing to focus on the repercussions of a major disruption to your business.

  • Operations & Finance

    Depending on the severity of the breach, this could mean no access to financial data, no ability to run payroll, and if sensitive data was compromised... the time to re-secure everything.

  • Sales & New Business

    If the engine that is your business stopped in its tracks, how would that impact your sales process? No access to data can impact your relationship with potential business.

  • Account Management

    If your customer data was compromised, how would that disrupt the customer experience? What if your customers info was compromised?

  • General Workforce

    If the team that delivers your product or service do not have access to the network or its data, how many people are sitting idle?

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I started working with Britec during a Ransomware scare when my entire team was locked out of our data. They helped me repair the damage and get up and running in under a week. Then they made sure it wouldn't happen again.

Robert S.