How Britec approaches Backup for our clients

  • Understand your Business

    We'll take the time to understand your business, get a feel for how you operate, and what technology you use. This is crucial to implementing the right solution.

  • Disaster Planning

    What put a man on the moon? Checklists. The smartest minds doing the most challenging work use plans, checklists, and contingency plans. So do we.

  • Needs + Cost Analysis

    We treat your business like our own. Minimizing costs, but not sacrificing when it comes to the solutions that protect your business. We'll work together to optimize needs vs. costs.

  • Future Scalability

    Nothing is worse than investing in a system, only to have to rebuild it in 12 months because your business grew. Britec plans for your growth to provide scalable results.

  • Recovery Objectives

    We set both recovery "time" and "point" - this determines the time to be up and running again, and how far back into the past we can recover.

  • Backup Redundancy

    We'll work with you to recommend what is an appropriate level of data-back redundancy vs cost.

A backup solution that can also stop ransomware in it's tracks. Recover quickly from any data-loss with Britec and Datto!

Britec has chosen to officially partner with industry leader Datto as our technology partner for our Backup (as well as a portion of our Ransomware Security solutions).

Datto represents what we at Britec feel is a Best-in-class solution for data backup and ransomware protection in 2022 and the years to come.

Let's talk backup!

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