We're not fear mongering, but in 2022 security needs to be a top concern.

The threats are real.
There are a lot of them.
And they vary in sophistication.

If you do not have IT security prevention plans, as well as IT disaster recovery plans in place – we believe you are treading on borrowed time. Even the Canadian Government has released an open letter on the recent rise of ransomware – pleading with Canadian Industries from Small Businesses to Large Corporations to take preventative action.

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What types of IT Security are most important to focus on?

  • Ransomware Prevention

    A prevention planning and systems are the first step, as is implementing and appropriate backup system for all data within your network. Start with prevention.

  • Ransomware Recovery

    While prevention is always the goal, having a recovery solution in place will help stop ransomware in its tracks, minimize the impact, and get you back up and running. (Pretending that ransomware can never get through is foolhardy.)

  • Cloud File Security

    As more an more files are opened up to others online instead of in email attachments, it is critical to have the right systems and tools in place to protect your data within the cloud.

  • Email Security

    Your teams use email every day they are at work, there are constantly new threats presented via email - the right tools, protections, systems, and constant vigilance is required.

  • Data Backup Security

    Step one is to have an appropriate backup solution in place. Step two is to ensure you have varying forms of backup redundancy.

  • Security Training

    Training your staff on how to stay safe, keep the company safe, and (when possible) identify and prevent security threats from happening.

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