Sage BusinessVision offers comprehensive financial management for growing businesses.

Packed with powerful features and enhancements, Sage BusinessVision Accounting is a complete business management solution.

Ideal for growing businesses, Sage BusinessVision offers editions specifically designed for wholesale, retail, service, and manufacturing companies. Affordable and scalable, it is perfectly suited for startups and growing businesses alike. Our expert consultants at Britec will help you choose your edition and customize it to suit your company’s exact needs with a great selection of department specific modules. From core accounting processes to retail point-of-sale and inventory control, we’ll help you take control of and seamlessly manage your company’s business requirements.

Important Notice for current BV Customers

As of January 1, 2021 the 2015 version of BusinessVision no longer works. We can help you figure out what to do next

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What can Sage BusinessVision do for your business?

Sage BusinessVision General Ledger

The Sage BusinessVision General Ledger produces up-to-date financial statements at any time, so you can stay on top of your company’s performance. It allows you to post transactions to either prior or succeeding years, making year-end processing easy and error-free.

The General Ledger Inquiry function offers an onscreen overview of all General Ledger accounts and present balances. You can also view the net change and monthly closing balance for each account, and every transaction starting at a user-defined period. With the optional Sage BusinessVision Multiple Currency Manager, you can revalue, track, and report on numerous currencies at once.

Take the guesswork out of your finances with an accurate snapshot of your company’s financial health whenever you need it.

Sage BusinessVision Purchase Order module

With the fully integrated Sage BusinessVision Purchase Order module you can easily keep track of vendors, purchases, cost prices, payables, and more. The system can receive inventory on a partial basis and automatically calculate freight and landed costs.

Go paperless with purchase orders that can be e-mailed directly to vendors. When purchase orders are fully received they can be automatically sent to Accounts Payable to await payment as well as to the General Ledger, updating all related accounts. Purchase history can be retained indefinitely, and purchase orders may be viewed at any time.

And if your business deals internationally, the optional Multiple Currency Manager makes it easy for purchases to be made and traded virtually anywhere.

Let us help you improve your company’s productivity with the comprehensive purchase order module.

Sage BusinessVision Order Entry module

Maintain accurate inventory levels and purchase histories with the Sage BusinessVision Order Entry module.

The program supports unlimited orders, including quotations, layaways, and repeat orders, as well as the automatic or manual backordering of out-of-stock items. It ensures your inventory balances are always accurate by immediately drawing down both inventory and non-stock/service items as an order is entered.

Automatically calculate taxes, revenue, cost of goods, receivables, and maintain a history of every system-generated invoice, affording in-depth analysis of sales, margins, and profits.

Contact us. Let’s begin the process of streamlining your ordering processes to better serve your customers today.

The Sage BusinessVision Payroll module

The Sage BusinessVision Payroll module makes generating payroll in-house a simple process. Our experienced consultants at Britec will help you customize the software to suit your company’s payroll needs. Customization enables you to define user-defined benefits and deductions, generate departments, create different pay schedules, and more.

Benefit from time saving features that make processing payroll easy. The software allows you to pay employees by cheque or direct deposit, easily print your annual T4 forms to report employee earnings, and configure direct deposit settings specific to your banking institution.

Contact us to eliminate the hassle of third-party payroll services and take complete control of your payroll process.

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