The latest software and hardware threats impacting Calgary Businesses

Hacking You from the Sound of Your Keyboard

E-commerce Applications are Under Attack

Cyber Pirates at the Gates: Defending the PowerShell Gallery Treasure

Unveiling a Disturbing Reality: 120,000 Computers Breached by Info Stealers with Ties to Cybercrime

Guarding Your Digital Office: Microsoft’s Latest Security Update and Why It Matters

E-commerce Platforms: Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress and Shopify Exploited by Innovative Web Skimmer Attack

North Korean Lazarus hacker group continues to update their hacking repertoire.

CACTUS Ransomware Utilizes VPN Vulnerabilities to Breach Networks

Western Digital – File Access Interruptions – Network Security Breach

Magecart continues to pose a threat

Rorschach Ransomware: New, Fast and Sophisticated

Russian-backed LockBit ransomware now targets macOS

Super FabriXss: Microsoft Azure Vulnerability

Microsoft disclosed an alarming new Outlook privilege escalation vulnerability

A Windows 11 UEFI has been compromised by new bootkit malware: Black Lotus

Popular Python Code Repository Carrying Malicious Packages

GoDaddy has new breach in what appears to be a multi-year scheme

VMWare Under Attack: Warns Italian National Cybersecurity Agency

U.K. National Cyber Security Centre Warns of Russian and Iranian increase in hacking efforts

Cloud Computing Giant RackSpace breach

Realtek weakness has been exploited over 134 million times in IoT (internet of things) devices

CircleCI a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Platform put at Risk

New Titan Stealer: customizable Golang malware that steals information

Double Attacks on Twilio and Cloudflare left systems open and vulnerable.