Step 1: Do not panic

Many times when a Ransomware incident takes place, the wrong people react too quickly - which makes the future cleanup more difficult for IT Ransomware Recovery experts.

Step 2: Hire An Expert

Firstly, talk with an IT Security Expert that you trust. (Because this is our website, we’re going to focus on how we can help.)

The team at Britec are experts in IT and Ransomware disaster recovery. We would be happy to help.

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Next, continue to a checklist that allows you to get started..

Step 3: Take the following actions

Regardless of your level of experience, here are some key actions we recommend you take immediately.

  • Do not delete or remove files

    Think of deleting or removing files as destroying evidence. It can cause issues recovering, but also could get you in trouble with your insurance provider (should you make a claim).

  • Contact Britec

    The first step is to contact IT Professionals with experience and expertise in IT incident and disaster recovery.

  • Locate or create a systems map

    If you do not have a disaster plan to execute, start by listing out all the services and technology your organization uses.

  • Notify your employees

    All or some of your employees need direction on what to do and how to manage the situation. Different teams need different instruction.

  • Notify law enforcement

    This is optional, but ransomware is a crime and should be reported. Calling your local police service is a start, they typically have a cybercrime division.

  • If required, notify your insurance company

    We recommend letting your insurance company know about the breach, they will likely have tools to help you.

  • Secure all physical access

    Any physical access to your server, data room, or data centre should be full secured. No one in our out.

Step 4: Stay Cool and Calm

The goal is to get you back on track and quickly as possible. We recognize that this is an extremely stressful and frustrating situation (time is money!), but maintaining a level head will help you get through this unscathed.

Once you’re back up and running, the goal is to put policies, procedures, and systems in place to prevent such occurrences from happening (as possible), and ensuring that recovery in the future is a quick and minor procedure.