Top 5 Reasons Your Team Needs Cyber-Security Training

Caricature of cyber-security professional teaching a class

Cyber attacks which target your networks, systems and computers are now a part of doing business.

While we still have pirates attacking shipping containers, some of the most significant threats come from your network AND your teams understanding of the basics of Cyber Security.

It’s important not to feel too bad, and to cultivate a proactive mindset about internet and email security… Remember, some of the biggest and most technologically advanced corporations (like Facebook, Google, Microsoft) are constantly at risk. IT Security teams are at constant battle to keep up with and manage the safety of their systems – so it is important that security is part of your day-to-day.

Where do you start? What is the low-hanging-fruit of Cyber Security?

One of the most effective ways of reducing cyber crimes is by training your staff in cyber security. Studies have shown Cyber risks are reduced by 70% when organizations provide cyber security awareness and training for their employees [Source].

Employee’s are the frontline of defence for your business, but are frequently the most neglected when it comes to budgets and training. Frequently, breaches come from employee error, or attacks focusing on ‘tricking’ your employees.

It is vital to note that the solution is not to blame your employees if there is a breach. Even the most seasoned professionals can be tricked – as there are very sophisticated adversaries out there who want to steal or ransom your data or networks.

The key is minimizing risk and creating a conversation about educating our employees on cyber safety is one of the most cost effective ways our businesses can stay safe. (Furthermore: if you have a ‘negative’ team culture around reporting potential breaches because your staff is afraid, it will cost you more in the long run.)

Britec’s Top-5 cyber-security training starting points:

Man frustrated that he did not have cyber security at home.

Tip #1: Breaches can take place anywhere (in-office, business trips, AND home offices)

Businesses rely more and more on technology and cyber criminals have become smarter and more determined. Due to the pandemic more and more of us are working from home. Hackers know this and are targeting us at home looking for our human errors. This signifies the importance to be cyber aware and ready incase of an attack or probe.

A team of security professionals coming up with a security plan

Tip #2: Have a clear plan in place (procedures, policies, action plans, training)

With a better understanding of information security users are brought up to speed on an organization’s IT security procedures, policies and best practices. Many cyber-crimes start small and end up into a full blown breach. Educating employees on security standards helps track and mitigate them before they become worse.

Cyber security professional creating a resilient cyber savvy workforce

Tip #3: Create a Culture of Cybersecurity to Earn a Resilient Workforce

Being aware of cyber security creates a cyber resilient work environment. Many employees may not even know the danger of sharing passwords in the workplace. According to MediaPROs, 85 percent of finance workers lacked knowledge around cybersecurity and data privacy. Having this cyber training will create workplace resilience with your employees strengthening your first line of defence.

Tip #4: Security = Short and Long Term Cost Savings

Just like having a smart data-backup system is critical to avoid data-loss (which saves you time and money). Having cybersecurity training will help the bottom line and is often one of the best methods at keeping you safe. Here is the following ways you can save money with security training:

  • Loss of revenue – whether it is time or money, this is easy to avoid.
  • Reputation damage – if your business is dead in the water, it can quickly damage even the best reputation.
  • Loss of clients – Losing a client is industry dependent, but regardless you do not want to erode your customers confidence in your business.
  • Operational disruptions – If ops is brought to a halt, a bottleneck starts to form, which can impact revenue, as well as your teams ability to function efficiently.
  • Lawsuits – Depending on the breach, any litigation should be avoided.
  • Intellectual property (IP) cyber theft – What is your IP worth to you? What are your financial records worth to you?
  • Theft of personal info – The last thing you want is your entire team to have their identity stolen.

A Cyber attack will compromise many different sectors affecting the bottom line and increasing costs everywhere. In rare cases it could cost millions of dollars. 

A women happy to work from home stress free knowing she is safe and educated on cybersecurity

Tip #5: Bolster Employee Confidence and Reduce Stress

Being cyber-aware makes everyone safe (your business, your customers, your staff).  Increasing their ability to make on the spot educated cyber security choices. Boosting everybody’s confidence and relieving people of stress. There is less trouble worrying about a cyber attack coming from within. Even on the aftermath of a cybercrime incident, having cyber security training can help people be prepared for when this does happen. Leaving employee’s with the confidence on how to react and prepare for the next steps of Cyber protocols. Frustrating hackers, leaving smiles on everyone’s face but the cyber criminals.

BONUS: Employees are more secure in their personal lives.

An added benefit of this training is that your teams will have a better understanding of the risks out there, and typically will change their personal lives to be more secure as well. This has benefits for team productivity.

Ransomware attacks target many different types of weaknesses in your organizations defenses.  One of your most important defenses you can have are your employees.  You should try to actively focus on creating tailored cyber security training for your employees.  This will help users avoid cyber incidents and strengthen cyber security in the workplace.

How Britec Can Help

Britec can help you with Cyber Security Training, to understand more about how Cyber training is essential and how we can help please contact us today!