Popular questions about Acumatica

Here are some of the most common or popular questions.

Yes. By default Acumatica is hosted in the cloud (via Amazon AWS), but it can also be run in a private cloud for either live or development environments.

  • Enable Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio – Community Edition – 2019 or newer recommended
  • .Net Framework 4.7.1 for 2020 R1 and R2 or .Net Framework 4.8 for 2020R1
  • Microsoft SQL Server – Developer Edition
  • Acumatica 2019 R2 (the actual Acumatica software – 2019 R2 is in the folder 19.2)

For many small and midsize businesses, deploying Software as a Service (SaaS) provides the benefits of an enterprise-class solution without the enterprise IT budget.

When Acumatica is deployed via SaaS, your Acumatica system is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can be accessed from any web browser on any Internet-connected device.

You can pay as you go, and easily scale resources up or down based on growth or changing business needs. You also free yourself from the complexities and costs of managing hardware and maintaining software.

Additionally, a SaaS deployment enables Acumatica to ensure the highest levels of security, availability, and performance.

Acumatica manages the work involved in setting up and provisioning the application, as well as configuring the initial environment for you to access your Acumatica SaaS instance.

Once your Acumatica environment is accessible, Acumatica automates common administrative tasks, such as performing backups, software updates, and continuous monitoring and tuning, including multi-homed internet and power backup.

The Always Current Program provides customers with automated updates and upgrades to ensure that customers are on the latest release. This provides the following benefits:

  • Access to the latest features and fixes
  • Predictable maintenance times
  • Streamlined support
  • Lower upgrade costs

Customers in this program automatically get monthly updates and semi-annual upgrades to the latest Acumatica release. Prior to the free automated upgrade, customers work with Britec to procure a free sandbox for testing and training.

Customers who require additional upgrade timing flexibility may purchase Acumatica Flex. For additional information contact Britec.

We will provide you with a URL to your Acumatica SaaS ERP solution, accessible from any web browser on any device with an Internet connection.

This URL uses a prefix you choose in the format .acumatica.com, but we can also help you create a custom domain URL (xxx.yourdomain.com) if you provide us with your SSL certificate.

Acumatica SaaS currently uses Microsoft SQL Server. Other database options exist for private cloud deployments.