Announcing our partnership with Acumatica

Britec customers desired an ERP software option that was robust, modern, flexible, effective and economical.   Britec responded by bringing Acumatica.

Acumatica has a modern and rich feature set which is perfect for Canadian businesses looking to have an edge in 2022. Furthermore, its economical price point and high level of scalability brings great value at very fair cost.

Here are a few key facts & features Britec is excited about:

  • Acumatica has built in native modules such as Construction, Property Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehouse Management and e-Commerce.
  • Acumatica in the core has many features that are desirable post-COVID.
  • Acumatica has options in deployment:  true SaaS and Private Cloud using the same database.
  • Technically, Acumatica runs on industry leading MS-SQL server where customer data is protected by transparency of security control methods and the ability to lock-down every bit of data.
  • And the data is owned and remains under the control of the customer at all points in time.
  • Acumatica uses a programming layer that is well supported by Microsoft and by Britec.

Britec is very happy with the extremely strong commitment which Acumatica has for both its customers and its partnership with Britec. Their approach as tremendous benefit to our customers.

Britec CEO, Roger Katarey adds, “Acumatica can deliver value to our customers for the long-term.”

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