Sage Intacct does not have a fixed cost

Intacct has a pricing formula to calculate price based on the configuration required to support your operations. This price is determined by speaking with a Sage Intacct Partner.

This pricing model allows you to pay for the features, capabilities, and users you need – while avoiding all unnecessary costs.

It is also important to note that the ongoing cost of Sage Intacct includes ALL patches, updates, and private-cloud servers. You do not need to support any infrastructure, just one cost to budget for.

How can I get a price for my company?

Contact the Britec team for a free Intacct consult. We will lead the process required to define the Sage Intacct configuration best suited for your business.

An Intacct consult includes:

  • Learning more about your current systems and processes.
  • Making recommendations for how you can save time and money utilizing modern finance systems and workflows.
  • Demonstrating and showing you how Intacct can improve upon your current methods.
  • Explaining the different modules, components, and integrations we believe you should make use of.

Want to talk more about what's best for your business?

Contact the Britec team today, we're here to create efficencies that save you time and make you money.

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