Webinar: Help for Today, Planning for Tomorrow

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As business owners, we all face tremendous uncertainty and tough choices about how to best support our staff until things recover.

In this webinar:

  1. The financial and tax measures that the governments of Alberta and Canada have taken to help you.
  2. The financial measures that you can take to safeguard your business
  3. How you can start planning for recovery today.

Topics covered will include:

  • 75% Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (newly updated)
  • Tax Deferrals
  • Timing to pay taxes
  • Government Funded Loans (newly updated)
  • Corporate tax effects
  • Bank of Canada actions

This talk will be presented by Britec CEO Roger Katarey, Co-Presenter Clayton Achen and Carol Sadler

More about our Co-Presenter: Clayton is a small business advocate who has presented the concerns of small business in Ottawa. Clayton is a “tax ninja” who understands and promotes the idea of using every opportunity to save on tax for small business owners. Clayton is a founding partner of Achen Henderson Chartered Professional Accountants.

Here is the link to the AchenHenderson blog: