Sage BusinessVision Alternatives

Sage BusinessVision (BV) has been a reliable business accounting software platform for a long time (30+ years). Currently, BusinessVision is in its twilight years, as newer and more capable software has been eating away at its market share.

BV is an older software that many feel is slowly being phased out by Sage, with a focus on more modern products that have greater functionality and features (such as Sage Intacct or Sage 300).

Important update for 2021:

Sage is starting offering incentives to switch from BusinessVision to more modern Sage products. Contact Britec to learn more about your options (we’re a long-term Sage partner).

What can’t Business Vision do to meet modern business accounting needs?

  • Business Vision is not cloud based software. This means that you must access all your data from a computer that is on premise/location. This can be a challenge in a world where remote work or mobile access to software is becoming a requirement.
  • Business Vision uses older database technology. Newer software has more robust and reliable databases. This helps with everything from security, to software customization.
  • There is no CRM integration with Business Vision. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is absolutely critical to the modern business landscape – this is one of the major things missing which has much more support in more modern business accounting and ERP software.
  • Having a customizable payroll is important if you have employees that serve different purposes but are paid differently for them. This is something that Business Vision can not do.
  • Business Vision has no ‘Big Data’ integrations or Business Intelligence integrations.
  • Finally, Business Vision lacks a wider range of third party application integration (such as eCommerce).

What are some alternatives to Sage Business Vision?

Sage Intacct and Sage 300 are great choices when thinking about switching away from BusinessVision. In addition to having a significant amount of additional features and capabilities, both are modern business accounting platforms and will be well supported and maintained for years (and decades) to come.

Looking to maximize how accessible your accounting data is?
With Covid and the surge of remote work solutions – Sage Intacct is a fully cloud-based accounting solution to your accounting and operations team. Sage Intacct also has a lot of additional features which Business Vision is lacking (such as dynamic custom reporting and dashboards).

Learn more about Britec Sage Intacct Solutions here

Britec is here to help you with your choice.

Choosing a business accounting solution, cloud based or otherwise, is a major decision that impacts your business for years to come. If you want to talk with a senior member of the Britec team about your options, we’re here to help. Britec has been in business since 1988, empowering businesses worldwide with reliable IT, Business Software, and Accounting Solutions.

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