Sage 300 Macro to Export Payroll Data for Benefits Provider

Quite often Sage 300 users need to export data and format it in a particular way so it can be compatible with other accounting or HR services and systems.

Examples of macro automation tasks like this include exporting data such as:

  • A pension plan or benefits amounts for each employee,
  • As well as other data stored within Sage 300 that needs to be pulled in to the export.

The Britec team has a lot of experience in building custom programs and macros that can help reduce manual work and do the work for you.

Here are some examples of such macros or automation’s:

Pension Plan Amount Macro (per Employee) in Sage 300
One example is a macro that generates files with the pension plan amounts for each employee. The files are tailored according to the pension plan provider’s requirements and allows easy import into their system.

The macro has an easy interface that allows the user to select what files they want to generate, the location for the export files, and the time period.

The macro then creates files with all the data in the required format and is ready for import:

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Similar solution can be created for any data export and import scenario. Britec uses current technologies to build well-designed applications.

If you need similar customization to optimize your business processes, Britec has a team of experts who can provide the best solution for you. Contact us today.