Sage 300 Emails are Still Usable for Now.

What is Sage trying to do?

Sage is encouraging customers to move to a more secure way of sending email; however, they have decided to postpone disabling in-emails within Sage 300 due to recent push back from customers.

It is important to note that Google has already made this change, and Microsoft is looking to phase in Modern Authentication (OAuth) starting in October. But at this moment Sage 300 has decided to hold off, on making the change mandatory.

Sage is doing this to make sure there systems are more secure with ransomware form all over the world targeting North American markets the need for more secure systems has arisen. It may not seem that important, but keeping your systems update with the most recent security updates prevents the disaster of having a hacker/ransomware attack your systems and cause you down-time, stress, and having to deal with a malicious person or group of people whose goal is to exploit you and make money.

If you have any questions check out our two articles on MFA and Phishing. Or reach out to us at Britec today.