Why use Acumatica? (A Webinar Recording)

Acumatica is a powerful new Business Accounting & ERP tool with many modern improvements over software like BusinessVision or Sage 300. The most important question to always ask is, “Is this tool right for my current and future business needs?”

In our October 20, 2022 webinar we brought together a great group of Canadian Businesses to introduce Acumatica over a lunch-and-learn session. Please watch the video below, or keep scrolling down to see some a summary of the Q&A session.

Please contact the the Britec Acumatica team with any questions you might have!

Acumatica & Britec Webinar Q&A

Can you Sell by Weight in Acumatica?

Products can be sold in Acumatica using many different units of measure sure as pounds (lbs), kilograms (kg), or even tonnes (t). Once those settings are in place, that product’s “quantity” would then be by weight (versus by unit or other measures).

How does Acumatica look on a cell phone or mobile device?

Acumatica has both an Android and Apple iOS app available. You can also run Acumatica in a mobile web browser. This is a full-user experience and not a reduced or paired down version. Using Acumatica on mobile is provided at no extra cost.

Some of the great Acumatica Mobile features include:

  • Access to your data and reporting anywhere.
  • Integration with your mobile phone camera and photo library (for uploading expenses and more).
  • There is even capabilities for adding a barcode scanner.

Here are some screenshots of the Acumatica Android mobile app:


Can you scan credit card statements into Acumatica?

The best way to scan a credit card statement is using the photo upload or camera on the mobile app. This can work for receipts too. There is an additional banking module called “Bank Feeds” where you can upload credit card or banking statements into Acumatica.

Will Acumatica integrate with eCommerce Platforms?

Yes, Acumatica can plugin directly with Shopify, Big Commerce, Hub Spot, and many other eCommerce platforms (contact Britec to find out if yours will work). If your eCommerce software does not have a direct integration, the Acumatica API can be used to integrate with a custom or alternate eCommerce software.

Can Acumatica group items to create new items? (AKA: Can I group items into new group or package items in Acumatica?)

Yes you can, you can use the “Kit Assembly” feature to combine different individual items into a finished good. Once you have a basic understanding of Acumatica this isn’t overly hard to do, but we would consider this an ‘intermediate’ feature of using Acumatica – you’ll want to get training or have some experience in the program first.

What about Canadian Payroll?

Canadian Payroll capabilities are actively in development (as fall 2022) but not yet available. This is a massive priority for Acumatica and their team is working on beta testing it. It will be ready in 2023, we are hoping for February/March.

Can you show some example images of Purchase Orders?

Yes, please see below:

Have any more questions?

Please contact the Britec Acumatica team with any questions you might have!