Know who your top suppliers or vendors are in Sage 300

Determine who gives you the best pricing, discounts, or terms with the AP Top Vendors Report

Reducing your company’s costs is by far one of the primary functions of your purchasing department.

You can achieve immediate savings by choosing a mix of suppliers who can provide the best prices, discounts, and terms. Knowing your top vendors, will allow you to negotiate better contracts and free up your cash flow. We can help you identify your top vendors quickly and easily using our AP Top Vendors Report.

To print this report, navigate to the custom AP Top Vendors Report shortcut added on your Sage 300 desktop, which will normally be under Accounts Payable -> A/P Transactions Reports.

The report user interface is shown below.


The report prints the following information:

  • Rank – based on Total $ Invoices Paid.
  • Vendor ID
  • Vendor Name
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Discounts
  • Credit Notes
  • Debit Notes
  • Adjustments
  • Total $ Invoices Paid

The sample report output is shown below:

If you require additional fields to measure vendor metrics, Britec can further customize this report for you. Contact us, or learn more about our Sage 300 consulting.