Orchid Extender For Sage 300

Orchid Extender is a Sage 300 add-on that allows you to customize Sage 300 to accommodate your business needs by configuring or developing new features.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Orchid Extender:

  • Configure alerts and workflow for many Sage 300 records
  • Trigger notifications & workflows when data changes
  • Customize Sage 300 business logic
  • Cater for business requirements that can’t be met by ‘out of the box’ Sage 300
  • Develop and customize screens and their behaviour
  • Introduce bespoke business logic without the high costs normally associated with bespoke software development
  • Reduce risk by having all configurations and scripts held within your Sage 300 database

Our team at Britec are Orchid experts!

Britec is a certified Orchid business partner with a team of developers who can determine if Extender is the right product to tailor Sage 300, so it serves your business better and work on customizations and development.

To see how you can add more functionality to Sage 300 check out our other example how Orchid Extender can help.

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