Webinar: How to Safeguard Your Assets


At Britec, we are seeing network security breaches, ransomware and viruses. A lack of security and backup planning is affecting customers across Canada.

Join us on Wednesday, May 25 at 12pm MST for a free webinar on How to Safeguard your Assets. This webinar will feature three experts who will teach you the importance of protecting your business’ digital assets:

  • Malware and Threat Protection Solutions by Alex Johnson, Channel Manager, Kaspersky Lab
  • Network Firewall and Threat Protection Solutions by Dominic Wild, Network Security Systems Engineer, Dell Sonicwall
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions by Keith Youth, Account Executive at MaxBackup

Investing one hour of your time to educate yourself about protecting your business’ assets could potentially save you several hours and thousands of dollars in the future.



Thanks to our speakers and supporters for being part of the webinar: