Simple Tips to Avoid Virus Attacks

Virus attacks have drastically increased over the past few years (and frequently more challenging because of their invisibility).

While we can’t guarantee you’ll never get a virus, these attacks can be avoided!

Here are our top virus-avoidance best practices:

  1. Do not browse websites that you don’t trust. If you don’t know it – don’t click on it.
  2. The same goes for links in emails, if something feels ‘off’ it is best to exercise caution and not click, or check with your IT team.
  3. Do not open emails from anyone you don’t recognize.
  4. Do not allow people to use your computer without your knowledge. (Also, if you leave your computer to go for lunch or use the restroom: Lock it! (Windows Key + L) or log out.
  5. Do not download and run unrecognized software, especially files with an .exe extension.
  6. Do not click on advertisement pop ups. (This includes popups that contain a warning)
  7. Do not follow automated chat conversation from random websites.
  8. Do not allow scanning of your computer with unknown scanner software from web.
  9. Do not use free anti virus software. Instead, use paid anti virus software.
  10. Do not use residential standard routers. Instead, always use business class firewalls.

These tips are an important part of using computers and the internet as part of your work (and home) life.