How to Delete Item Pricing Macro in Sage 300 (Tips Series)

Sage 300 is a very flexible application that allows you to manage your item pricing efficiently.

However, if you want to clean-up the pricing assigned to your items in bulk, there is no option to do this easily within the Sage 300 application.

Our Delete Item Pricing Macro can help you clean-up your item price lists so you can start with a clean slate before you import/define new price lists.

This macro was designed to use the Sage 300 API that provides the business logic and data validation rules native to Sage 300. This will prevent any data integrity issues and will only allow Sage 300 users with proper access to item pricing to perform this function.

Before you delete anything in your application,

It is a good idea to do a complete database backup. In this case, you can also export your full item pricing list to excel, which will serve as your backup, before you delete your item pricing.

If there is any contract pricing assigned to your price list, you will need to delete them first before you delete item pricing. You can also delete your contract pricing in bulk using our Delete Contract Pricing macro. See our article on “Delete Contract Pricing” for more information.

To run this Sage 300 Pricing Macro:

  • Navigate to the custom Delete Contract Pricing macro shortcut added on your Sage 300 desktop, which will normally be under Inventory Control -> I/C Items and Price Lists.

The macro user interface is shown below.

  1. Select a Price List Code to delete. All items assigned to this price list will display on the detail grid.
  2. Click the Delete button to proceed. A confirmation message will pop-up on the screen. You have the option to proceed by clicking the Yes button. You can click No or Cancel to go back to the previous screen and stop the processing.
  3. If you select to proceed, all item pricing shown on the grid will be deleted from the database.
  4. Click the Close button to exit the macro.


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