BusinessVision 2022 Survey Results – What’s Great, Bad, and Missing

Our 2022 BusinessVision Survey Results are in!

On September 8th we sent out an email to all our colleagues, clients, and partners to collect some information on 3 questions about BusinessVision.

Here are 3 powerful takeaways about how respondents feel about BusinessVision in 2022

Simplicity VS Complexity

Based on responses, the “like” or “dislike” of BusinessVision reporting has a clear relation to complexity of reporting.

Those who “Like” BusinessVision Reporting seem to like the fact that reports and easy and simple to generate.

Whereas respondents who “Dislike” BV Reporting felt that there wasn’t enough reporting capability.

The overall satisfaction with BusinessVision was “Good”

While there are many small frustrations with the interface and other aspects of using BusinessVision; as long as the core functionality is working – everyone seems to be generally satisfied with what it is doing.

With that said, all users who felt that BusinessVision was not serving their needs unilaterally were much more unhappy with BusinessVision.

Satisfaction versus Age

Younger users expressed a desire for more up to date and modern features and functionality. At the same time, older users expressed a comfort with the current functionality of the BusinessVision user interface.

Make it easy to be a customer!

Britec will help make sure you are up-to-date with the most current software that Sage is offering.

While Britec does not control the product roadmap for BusinessVision, we want to ensure you are using the supported version – to minimize any bugs or issues you might experience.

Top Answers to BusinessVision Survey Questions

Question 1: What do you LOVE about BusinessVision?

  • Inventory Management
  • Straight-forward Payroll Functionality
  • Simplicity of using it

Read the full results (coming Sept 28)

Question 2: What do you NOT LIKE about BusinessVision?

  • Inventory Management (yes really)
  • Bugs, crashes, and glitches
  • Lack of depth or customization in reporting

Read the full results (coming Oct 7)

Question 3: Are there any additional features you wish BV had?

  • More features and flexibility in how reporting can be setup
  • More features as my business grows (like CRM & ERP features)
  • Enhanced invoicing capabilities (like changing an invoice after issue)
  • Better integrations with other modern software systems

Read the full results (coming Oct 12)

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Britec is focused on making sure you’re getting everything you need from your accounting software. We’ve also been exploring BusinessVision alternatives.

We’re hosting a zero-pressure Webinar with a free lunch, where we explore a new software we’ve been training on all year, Acumatica.

Acumatica has many features that our survey respondents have been asking for, and we see it as a powerful successor to BusinessVision for certain users.

Full disclosure: It won’t be for everyone, but new information and perspectives are important to making informed decisions.

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