The return of revenue for small/medium sized businesses

When will small and midsize businesses expect to see pre-pandemic revenue levels?

Sage study finds nearly three-quarters of small and midsize businesses expect to see pre-pandemic revenue levels by end of year.

  • After polling more than 10000 Finance leaders across American small and medium businesses, it also indicates that many intend to keep the new business strategies implemented during the pandemic.
  • While only one-in-three (30%) finance leaders expect to see revenue reach or exceed pre-pandemic levels by the end of June 2021, 73% expect to achieve this mark by the end of this year. Many businesses (56%) also expect vaccine rollout efforts to positively impact their business by October
  • Despite the economic turndown, 88% of businesses made some sort of charitable donation to their local community, and 49% are planning to further increase these programs next year – reinforcing their commitment to make charitable giving a priority.
  • Four in five (79%) businesses anticipate chief financial officers will have more influence on the direction and success of their business in 2021. In fact, respondents expect finance to play a more active role in technology-based decisions (40%) and strategic planning discussions (26%).