Happy Holidays from the Team at Britec

I hope that you’ve had another successful year in health, wealth and happiness. I wanted to take a moment to close-out 2019 in this letter.

2019 was another tremendous year for us.

We were able to implement several new systems for our customers, as well as upgrading many systems. This year, we also Introduced new software functionality to various businesses, and continued to make business processes more effective and efficient through custom software development and automation.

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The evolving eCommerce landscape.

In 2019, there was a shift in how people buy online in both Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B) market segments. Very large internet eCommerce companies who have never met the customer face-to-face are transacting at larger and larger volumes.

The largest internet eCommerce company transacts over $200 Billion yearly and continues to grow on average 17% per year. Imagine this company had started from a garage nearly 25 years ago…

A Canadian eCommerce platform company which started over 15 years ago now hosts over 1M customers transacting over $41 Billion yearly. There are many more examples of how eCommerce is reshaping how business is done in the digital age.


One of the first unique examples was a billiard shop in California. This shop owner only sold locally. The owner decided to venture on the internet and setup an eCommerce site to sell pool tables.
Within 6 months, the pool tables were being sold across the country. The result was the ability to reach new markets and expand their business by targeting a larger pool of customers.

eCommerce in the Canadian market (and for your business).

If you have not engaged in any discussions or considered eCommerce for you company, now is the time.

It is time to get your organization setup for transacting, fulfilling orders electronically fast, offering choices, offering information 24×7 on-line. Britec can help with the discussions and formally help set up a strategic plan for eCommerce and then execute the plan on-time and on-budget.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

I thank all our customers, employees and vendors for the support they have provided to help us realize our mission to provide effective, efficient and economical computer systems.

I thank all our neighbours, community volunteers and organizations for making the country we live in so great, peaceful and orderly.


Roger Katarey