Course Objectives:

To train users so they acquire the skills necessary to become an intermediate to master user of a modern, cloud Scheduling and Time & Attendance fully integrated with Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

Specifically, to use new and existing technology to become valuable to an organization. This involves learning new skills using Windows based software such as Sage 300c, Sage HRMS, with cloud Scheduling and Time & Attendance using the latest technologies allow for electronic scheduling of employees, employees recording of time, electronic record keeping of timesheets and approval for compliance, electronic HR files for full information on employees, electronic benefits administration and integration between all functions regarding human resources. A user must have skills to utilize these technologies in getting day-to-day work performed. As well, the user must be skilled to work with maintenance, monthly and yearly processing routines.

All these products are mainstream in North America. The skills acquired would prove very valuable to Citadel Theatre and other employers.


Training will be performed for several users through a classroom “type” session. Training will be intermixed with theory and practice for each user. Training will take place in intervals lasting 4 hours per day over a period of weeks. This will ensure users to have better retention of material and time to study and practice the concepts on their own time. Concepts will be covered in great detail to ensure the user understands all facets of operating the program Real life examples and cases will be provided to enforce the concepts.

There will be formal electronic hand-outs which the user can refer to at any time after the training has been completed

Course Instructors

Primary Instructor: Celayix

Celayix is the software developer based out of Vancouver that provides a power suite of workforce management tools including employee scheduling software, time & attendance and employee communication. Celayix customers are from various industries.

Secondary Instructor: Roger Katarey

Roger is an expert in the computerized accounting systems with over 38 years experience in the industry. Roger has taught similar courses for over 10 years at Grant MacEwan University and was for several years the lead Sage 300 instructor at the College. Roger holds a Degree in Commerce from the University of Alberta.

Title: Improving Operational Efficiencies of Scheduling, Time & Attendance

Instructor(s): Celayix, Roger Katarey

Total Cost: $12,800

Participant Capacity: Up to 8

Duration: 2 months

Instructional Style: Classroom, interactive with computer to train

Each day consists of 8 hours. A day may be held at several sessions depending on scheduling of working learners.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Celayix Scheduling, T & A
  • System Access
  • Basic tables – Employees, Customers, Services
  • Rules
  • Lookup tables
  • Qualifications

Day 2

  • Scheduling Basic
  • Scheduling Advanced
  • Configuration of Employee

Day 3

  • Configuration of Supervisor
  • Geofencing
  • Messaging
  • Time Off
  • Availability

Day 4

  • Control Center
  • Alerts
  • Time & Attendance
  • Grid and Map
  • Exports

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