Why Sage 300 Updates are important (Updated 2021)

We get questions from customers asking ‘why’ they should upgrade their Sage 300 system all the time.

Businesses are sometimes reluctant to upgrade their system because they feel it is working fine… After all, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?

At Britec, as long time Sage 300 Consultant and Implementation specialists – we wanted to provide some insights as to why keeping your Sage 300 system up to date is important.

Reason 1: Ongoing support from Sage

It is important to maintain a supported version of your Sage product. This ensures optimal functionality, compatibility, and security for your app.

  • Sage 300 only supports the three most recently released versions of Sage 300.
  • Sage 300 will only release updates or bug fixes for the three supported versions.
  • Currently v2021, v2020 and v2019 are supported.

Reason 2: Support for new operating systems (compatibility)

  • Some older versions of Sage 300 have issues running on newer versions of Windows.
  • If you keep your Sage and Windows updated at the same time everything works in harmony.
  • You’ll also be less likely to have problems with the Sage and windows in the future.

Cost savings!
Cut back on computer down time making you stress less and feel great about your systems running smoothly.

Reason 3: New features are added to the updates

Sage adds new features with each new release and resolves issues found in older versions.

For example, Sage 300 V2021 includes several new features, including the ability to accept payments through online providers!

You can now accept payments from your customers through online payment service providers such as PayPal and Stripe.

If you use this feature, invoices include a Pay Now button that your customers can click to pay using any online provider you have set up for your company in Sage 300.

How can we help?

Britec is here to help. If you are looking at updating any of your Sage products, or are trying to create better workflows and systems within Sage 300, we have been helping businesses worldwide since 1988 (pre-dating Sage in the Accpac days).
Contact us here.

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