Sage 300 Upgrade Installation Error and how to fix it

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Are you receiving a message that Sage is not installed when you try to add a product update to my workstation.

If so Britec can help.

Sage regularly releases product updates to resolve issues and add new features to Sage 300.

If a customer is trying to install the product update on their own. They might receive a message that says: “Sage was not installed.” This can be very confusing if they use Sage every day on their computer. But this error can occur if the customer was trying to install the product update incorrectly.

This error message can crop up in several different circumstances and versions of Sage 300, here is one such example:

In this case the customer only had a workstation install on their computer: The product updates for Sage only need to be installed on the server where the full install of Sage resides.

At Britec we are here to help and we are the experts at installing Sage.

For all your Sage installations, please reach out and Contact Britec.