Sage 300 Login Error #49153 (Cannot Access Database)

Here is a login error that comes up from time to time. Please keep in mind this is a ‘technical’ solution to solving this error. If you are not an admin, we’d recommend working with your IT team, or even contacting us for some help!

How to Fix the Error: Cannot access database (error=49153) during login to an existing system.

  1. Open Sage Database Setup and the Company and System Database Profiles. Verify what Data Source or Server name, Login ID and Database names are set.
  2. Open the 32-bit version of ODBC Data Source Administrator, either from Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC), or from C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe on 64-bit PCs.
    • On the System DSNs tab find the Data Source name or Server name (if Server name is used a 32 is appended to it).
    • Confirm the name of the SQL server in the DSN entry.
    • Enter the User ID and password in the SQL Authentication and confirm that the remaining settings are left as default.
    • Test the database connectivity from the DSN.
  3. If the above test failed, then in a Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe) ping the server name to test address resolution and connectivity.
  4. If the ping test is not successful, try using the IP address directly for the ping.
  5. If successful, enter the IP address in the DSN entry and test the database connectivity again. If the database connectivity is not successful with the IP address:
    • The User ID being used may not have permission to access the SQL Server.
    • The SQL Server may not be prepared to service the connection.

If none of the above tests are successful, then continue troubleshooting using the article KB 33287: Error: “Cannot access database Error=49153” with a newly installed server to further test the SQL Server.