Ransomware, Network Security, NextGen Firewalls

With ransomware and cyber attacks increasing on a global level, it is absolutely critical that businesses keep their network and data security up to date.

Britec has been working hard with our partners and clients across Canada to ensure that their company data, networks, and all business systems are secure and protected against the latest threats, notably a major increase in ransomware attacks.

What is ransomware?

Simply defined, ransomware is malicious software that when activated completely blocks access to the victim’s data, threatening to delete or restrict access to data until a ransom is paid.

There are varying levels of ransomware, but typical business or corporate attacks result in all data being encrypted – requiring the ransom to be paid in order to decrypt the data.

Attackers require payment in Bitcoin, making tracing or any form of prosecution extremely difficult. Furthermore, data can only be accessed once it is decrypted, which can put your business at a stand-still.

Payments can range from tens of thousands, to thousands, or hundreds of dollars – depending on the type of intrusion/ransomware.



There are 3 key approaches to protecting your business from Ransomware:


  1. Make sure your business network(s) are running next generation firewall technology.
  2. Ensure you have up to date and industry leading Anti-Virus software.
  3. Have a backup strategy! Your best defence is an effective data backup solution. Nothing can protect 100% against ransomware. A solid backup strategy with appropriate restore points is the best protection.

Internal Processes & Training

  1. Have easy to understand policies and best practices which teach your team why security is important, what the rules are, and how to make sure they are following them. Tip: Consider making a video or series of videos demonstrating your policies.

Employee Knowledge

  1. Do not open attachments or click links within emails unless you trust the source and know what you are opening.
  2. When opening emails from people or businesses that you trust, ask yourself the following: Why is this information being sent to you? Does it make sense coming from this sender? Consider whether or not their email account is compromised. As an example, if you received an email with an invoice or a P.O., but do not typically get such emails, be cautious.
  3. Be extremely careful when opening an email asking you to reset an account or password. If you requested a password reset you would know and would be expecting that email, but if it appears at random, do not click any links and talk to Britec or your IT department.
  4. Do not use unprotected personal computers at work. Or, consider setting up a separate network to access the internet when using personal devices at the office. In addition, avoid using personal email accounts on your work computer.
  5. If something looks strange, fishy, or you are not sure – contact Britec or your internal IT department.

How can Britec help?

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