Western Digital – File Access Interruptions – Network Security Breach

A major cloud storage backup company has a security breach.


In an update in April, WD admitted the intruders grabbed a copy of the database powering Western Digital’s online store. That trove included a range of personal information of the store’s customers – including names, billing and shipping addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers.

Other data stolen included – in “encrypted” form – hashed and salted passwords and partial credit card numbers.

Western Digital said it will communicate directly with impacted customers.

What is it?

Western Digital on March 26th disclosed that there had been a “network security incident” where WDC systems had involved unauthorized access to its systems. Certain data may have been compromised.

The hard drive manufacturer was alerted and is working with various law enforcement agencies, cyber-security and forensics experts to conduct an investigation of the breach.

Why should you care?

If your Data is in the Western Digital Cloud it may have server interruptions and downtime, and while the investigation is still ongoing, it was stated that some of their data was breached and are looking into the extent of the breach at this time.
Since the beginning of the month, Western Digital is still trying to fix all its interruption issues. As an update, you can use a feature called Local Access to access files stored on your device. Instructions on how to access your files here.

As always, if you have any reason to believe your organization has used malicious software, or like to ensure all your software is free of security exploits. Please do not hesitate to contact our incident response team.