Using PrintBoss to manage eMail attachments

Nowadays, many businesses prefer emailing invoices, purchase orders, and other documents to vendors or customers instead of using physical mail. Electronic mailing (E-mail) is a fast and effective way of sending your documents.

PrintBoss efficiently manages both paper and electronic documents. Based on the PrintBoss settings, documents can be automatically e-mailed, printed, and archived.

PrintBoss converts documents into PDFs, which are attached to the email settings in PrintBoss. You can send your documents individually or attach and send multiple documents through an SMTP mail server or Microsoft Outlook account. You can send documents to one or many email addresses simultaneously, and you can CC or BCC email addresses if required. PrintBoss maintains an address book of recently used addresses, including specific batch addresses. You can simply select a batch and send documents to multiple individuals.

PrintBoss keeps a log of the sent emails, and for added security, confidential documents can be protected with a password.

The Britec team can assist you in setting up your PrintBoss email settings, enabling you to send your documents electronically with just one click.

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