Dell Bios flaw has left millions vulnerable

Dell has disclosed 5 new security vulnerabilities within their BISO. If compromised, these vulnerabilities could lead to malicious code execution on your hardware.

“The active exploitation of all the discovered vulnerabilities can’t be detected by firmware integrity monitoring systems due to limitations of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) measurement,” said firmware security company Binarly. All the weaknesses are linked to improper input validation in the System Management Mode (SMM) of the firm ware.

This Leaves You Open to Malware

If an unwanted code is executed on your Dell Bios the System Management Mode that leaves your computer vulnerable at the highest level of security. A firmware plant at the bios level would be very persistent and hard to remove.

What can you do?

Quite a few Dell hardware systems were affected by this including: Alienware and Inspiron. In response Dell is recommending you update your bios as soon as possible.