BitB New camouflage for Phishing attack

Britec is starting to see a new attack called “BitB Phish”

BitB Phish is phishing attack that can mimic your in browser login window almost perfectly.

BitB Phish grabs your credentials and stages convincing phishing attacks. This type of browser phishing simulates a login screen looking similar to your own. While this is nothing new, the sophistication of this attack stems from how convincing it can appear to even a technically savvy user.

What is the risk of BitB, if the attack is successful?

If BitB successfully gets you to login, it now has your credentials, which provides the attacker access to that specific account. If you do not have strong password protections in place and that password is used for other online accounts/services – your problems magnify, as the attacker could gain additional access.

What can you do?

Normally with these types of attacks you could check the URL to see if it is a legitimate web page. However in this attempt the URL appears to be coming from the correct location (called URL masking). So identifying it would be more complicated.

If you are suspicious you can always try other links such as: forgot account or create a new account to see which domain they take you to. Often the Phishers do not bother with completing the whole framework of the window as they are only after your credentials. Once you click these links the phishing window will be non functional or questionable.

Ultimately, prevention is the best strategy. Having software which detects, warns, and stops an attack such as this is the first line of defence. Training your team is the second line of defence.