Phishing Hackers Impersonating Proofpoint for Data Theft or Ransomware

Hackers who employ phishing attacks are impersonating a well-known security firm known as Proofpoint Inc. Don’t be fooled!

Hackers are now are targeting Microsoft O365 and Google logins by impersonating Proof Point. By gaining access to secure logins hackers are holding systems ransom and stealing confidential information.

Through impersonating Proofpoint – hackers made it appear that they had previous correspondence with the target. They targeted an unnamed company sending thousands of these phishing emails to employees. Which allowed them to grabbing unsuspecting employee’s username and passwords.

So how can you prevent these phishing types from happening? There are two easy tips:

  1. Be aware of tailor-made emails
    Phishing emails are now targeting you with your personal information using any angle possible in order to steal your credentials. Check out our article that gives a few tools that will help prevent phishing attacks.
  2. Make sure passwords are up-to-date and secure
    Not only should you keep passwords up-to-date but you should also consider keeping them secure with Multi-Authenticated factor passwords.
  3. If you get an email from Proofpoint…
    Make sure it is from Proofpoint – or check with your IT team. Better safe than sorry.

How Britec Can Help

Britec can help you by setting you up with its team of security experts which keeps up to date with all security measures. Keeping you safe and prepared incase of a Phishing attack. Contact us today.