How phishing kit threats continue to evolve (TodayZoo, Franken-phish)

Microsoft Warns of New TodayZoo Phishing Kit Attacks that wants to steal your logins & passwords.

What is the risk with these new phishing emails?

Phishing is an issue that impacts almost everyone with email. Someone is pretending to be someone you trust, or someone in authority, in order to trick you to do something – usually log in to a fake page designed to steal your information. There is now something new… Microsoft is calling it a “Franken-Phish”.

A Franken-Phish is able to better target you with a message which is likely to trick you. Think of it like using a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer. It is more subtle.

“TodayZoo” is one such Franken-Phish attack. With TodayZoo, hackers can gain access to your credentials, log in to your systems and steal important information or hold you for ransom.

How is phishing evolving?

With hacking staying prominent in today’s world of IT. The hackers are constantly trying to upgrade their tools (and social engineering knowledge) to use the most sophisticated methods when trying to target and hack you and your company. TodayZoo starting to be the norm where hackers are colluding together. Now they share a large amount of code together to create dangerous tools that disrupt businesses and economies.

Where can I read more?

If you would like to learn more from Microsoft security Blog check out:
Franken-phish: TodayZoo built from other phishing kits

How can Britec Help?

Britec can help you by setting you up with its team of security experts which keeps up to date with all security measures. Keeping you safe and prepared incase of a nefarious attack. Contact us today.