Windows Security Vulnerability: PrintNightmare (Summer 2021)

What is PrintNightmare?

The security flaw, known as PrintNightmare, affects the Windows Print Spooler service. Researchers at cybersecurity company Sangfor accidentally published a how-to guide for exploiting it – which increased it’s international relevance (as there is now more knowledge of the exploit.

The researchers tweeted in late May that they had found vulnerabilities in Print Spooler, which allows multiple users to access a printer…

Why should I care?

Microsoft (MSFT) warned that hackers that exploit the vulnerability could:

  • Install unauthorized programs,
  • View and delete data on the computer or network,
  • Or even create new user accounts with full user rights.

That gives hackers enough command and control of your PC to do some serious damage.

PrintNightmare can have an impact on systems running Windows 7 and higher versions, including Windows 10 and Windows servers. Be sure to patch this exploit or talk to your IT provider right away.

Microsoft has also released a patch for Windows 11 (currently in beta builds at the time of this posting). Windows 11 comes six years after Microsoft launched Windows 10, a major update that’s now running on around 1.3 billion devices worldwide.

Where can I get more info about Print Nightmare:

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