Pay Advice and T4 Email Automation Using Printboss

PrintBoss is a Windows product designed to capture data from Windows accounting packages like Sage 300 and combine the data with digital forms.

It saves you time and money, while increasing security. Its intuitive interface, robust features, and industry leading security enhancements make PrintBoss an essential tool to print checks and perform document distribution from your accounting software.

Use PrintBoss if you want to:

  •  Improve efficiencies
    • Stop wasting time swapping check stock when you have to print for different entities or from different banks accounts.
    •  Save time by leaving the various colors in different printer trays and/or printers and PrintBoss will handle the rest, printing each copy to the appropriate printer and printer tray every time.
    • Archive accounting documents with no extra clicks.
    • Reduce paper and related supplies consumption by emailing payroll-related documents to your employees.
  • Tighten security
    • With a battery of check fraud security features
    • Check fraud deterrents you engage with your bank
    • A check printing software that is the most secure and affordable in the markets

An example of how Britec empowers its customers with PrintBoss

Here is an example of how Britec can customize your existing pay advices, T4s or any other documents so you can email them to individual employees in these easy steps.

First off, print your document from Sage 300 as usual.  (Either print the document directly to the printer or send it to preview first),

Then select option print to printer using the Printboss 50 Driver.  This process will email this document for customized Printboss forms.

Printboss will process and email the documents to the required recipients one by one.

Once the process is complete, your employees will receive a customized email with the pay advice attachment that is password-protected.

PDF will be secured against any unwanted eyes.

Printboss will also keep track of all documents that were sent out and you will have the option to resend them to any employees with incorrect or missing email addresses or who have misplaced the email.

Printboss is not limited to work with payroll documents.  There are additional functionalities it can do to automate day to day processes.

Please reach out to Britec if you have any questions about PrintBoss.