Sage 300 + BV (BusinessVision) Payroll Update January 2020

Sage has a CRA Payroll Update which you need to apply before running your first payroll in January, 2020, for Sage 300 and Sage BusinessVision (BV).

We perform many CRA Payroll Updates every year, we can ensure your update is installed and applied with the right procedures, process and time. Any issues that arise, we can correctly diagnose and fix. We recommend having the update installed before running a payroll in January. Please contact us to schedule the installation of your pay updates.

Why is this important?

The taxation updates reflect the most recent payroll changes from the CRA including all the provinces.
The January 2020 tax update contains modifications to payroll taxes, CPP, EI and exemption indexing that are used by Sage 300c and Sage BusinessVision. The updated payroll tax laws are incorporated into the update effective January 1st, 2020.

How do I get an update scheduled?

Please email your request to or to your favourite analyst at Britec.

Answers to common questions

Q: Only I have access to the payroll module in my Sage 300 or Sage BusinessVision software, can I just install the payroll update on my computer?
A: The payroll update needs to be installed on all computers where Sage products are installed. Take the guess work out of the update and contact Britec today to book an appointment for payroll update. Under certain circumstances, product updates must be applied before applying the tax update.

Q: When should I install the 2020 Sage 300 or Sage BusinessVision Payroll Update?
A: After the last payroll in December and before your first payroll run in January 2020, even though you may be paying employees for time worked in December 2019.

Q:  Should I backup before applying the update?
A: We recommend a full backup of the program directory and data before applying the update.  Our process ensures we take this backup.

Q:  Is there any documentation of what the 2020 update has?
A:  Yes.  As part of the process of the update, we provide documentation of the tax law changes.

Q. What should I do if I didn’t get the update installed before the first pay period in January 2020?
A. Install the update before the second pay period in January or as soon as possible. Take no other action – any discrepancies will be straightened out when your employees file their 2020 tax return.

Q. I sometimes notice differences between the taxes calculated by Sage BusinessVision and the taxes I calculate using the manual tax tables. Why is this, and which figure is correct?
A. The Sage BusinessVision calculations are correct because they use exact formulas outlined in the tax laws, and published in CRA Publication T4127 109th edition. Manual tables estimate tax deductions for a salary range, while the Sage BusinessVision formulas work with fractions of a cent. Also, manual tables ignore certain provincial allowances and deductions.

Q. Are there any limitations regarding the version of Sage 300?
A.  Sage 300 2016 and Sage 300 Canadian Payroll 7.2 are no longer supported.  If you use Sage 300 2016 or earlier, we encourage you to contact your Sage business partner to upgrade to a supported version of the software.   Effective February 28, 2020, Sage 300 Canadian Payroll 7.3 will no longer be supported for 300 2017.