What’s new in Sage 300 for 2021

With the release of Sage 300 2021, which is also known as “Sage 300cloud 2021”, the Britec team wanted to cover some of the important new developments and features on Sage 300 in 2020 and 2021.

As long-time Sage 300 consultants, we’ve had the opportunity to watch it’s growth over the years, and we are excited by some of the features that Sage 300 customers will benefit from in 2021.

Let’s start with a summary of what’s new

  • Stronger default security settings
  • Withholding taxes for sales (AR)
  • Ability to accept payments through online providers (Available with a Sage 300cloud subscription)
  • Use longer numbers for checks and deposit slips
  • Specify customer account sets in O/E templates
  • Sage 300cloud web screens improvements, including a Text Size control
  • Several small program fixes

You can also watch a video about the updates at the bottom of this page.

Stronger default security settings

When you conduct a fresh install of Sage 300 2021 new (rather than upgrading from a previous version of Sage 300), security is turned on by default. User passwords in Sage 300 must include both letters and numbers and be at least 8 characters long.

Note: During the initial setup, you must change the password for the Sage 300 administrator user, because the default password does not meet the password complexity requirements.

Accept payments through online providers (cloud-only)

Sage 300cloud users can now accept payments from customers using online payment service providers such as PayPal and Stripe. This is a major step forward for the platform to have features like these built in.

If you use this feature, invoices include a Pay Now button that your customers can click to pay using any online provider you have set up for your company in Sage 300.

Note: You can still integrate with custom gateways for payment processing (versus Stripe or Paypal), but that involves custom software development within Sage 300 (something Britec specializes in).

Withholding taxes for sales

In Tax Services (within Sage 300):

  • In addition to withholding taxes for purchases – you can now set up withholding taxes for sales.
  • A withholding tax (for a sale) is applied when selling goods or services to a customer.
  • It allows you to record amounts (some or all of either the selling price or the tax amount) that your customer withholds for a transaction to remit to a tax authority on your behalf.

Use longer numbers for checks and deposit slips

You can now enter check numbers and deposit slip numbers that are up to fifteen characters long, except in Sage 300 Payroll, where check numbers can be up to nine characters long.

Specify customer account sets in order entry templates

You can now specify customer account sets in Order Entry templates. If you enter a transaction in Order Entry for a customer with no record in Accounts Receivable, the customer account set specified in the O/E template will be entered by default.

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