Losing 500k from Poor Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

How long would it take your business to lose 500k if all your network and IT systems stopped working?

It only took 3 days for one Canadian Business… Learn more in our latest ‘Britec Talks’ video from Kieran Katarey. Watch it below, then keep reading for additional insights and tips.


Calculate what your disaster recovery costs are:

The results of a business continuity and disaster recovery recovery, showing significant costs if you're using an out of date system.

An example calculation of our Disaster Recovery Calculator

Britec’s BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) calculator will give you a perspective on what it might cost you to recover traditionally, versus a more modern solution.

There is no trickery here, just simple calculations of time between backups and processing time for things like downloads or compiling. While this is just a guide and might not represent the 100% exact numbers, it will get you a ballpark – and our hope is to get you thinking.

As we said in the video. It is a lot less stressful for you (and us) if we have the right tools in place. Adopt a proactive mindset, versus having to be reactive with the wrong tools.

Try the Calculator here

Why ‘Business Continuity’ and ‘Disaster Recovery?’

Think of BCDR as a 2-step action plan.

  1. Business Continuity deals with the creation and ongoing management of both IT systems, strategies, and plans that immediately trigger in the event of a disaster (big or small). It focuses on what happens during the disruption. The better your Business Continuity – the faster you’re back online.
  2. Disaster Recovery focuses on what happens after the disaster is over. Business Continuity systems and strategies are in place, but they are not long term – they are only intended to keep your business operating until a full recovery is complete. This could include a longer restore process, or sometimes the acquisition of new hardware. It is all dependant on the nature of the IT disaster.

Here is another way to think of it: You have a really deep cut. First you have to stop the bleeding, then you need to get stitches so that your body can heal quickly. 

Why are we passionate about BCDR?

While Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is a mouthful to say… the reality is that it is one of the key tools that your IT Team or Managed Service Provider has to combat a number of very serious threats to your business computer systems. These threats include:

  • Equipment failures to key servers or aspects of your network – allowing for temporary recovery that only takes mere minutes – while the primary systems can be repaired.
  • External attacks to your business computer systems – your business needs to be vigilant and ready for everything from viruses and malware to more insidious attacks such as ransomware.
  • Poor or out of date Cyber Security Training – Britec strongly recommends constant training and education for your teams – they can be your most powerful asset in protecting your business… or an ongoing weakness.

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More about Britec’s Disaster Recovery Solution

Britec has partnered with Datto for BCDR. It is a tool we put in place for all of our customers.

Datto BCDR gives Britec engineers an easy-to-use tool that saves time and eliminates the complexity of cloud disaster recovery by providing backup built in (because complexity increases the chances of an error in a stressful situation).

This complete BCDR solution includes cloud as part of the service making it easy to run disaster recovery, even for CPU/RAM/storage-intensive workloads.

Our partnership as a solutions implementation specialist for Datto allows Britec to be extremely efficient during the implementation and operation of all disaster recovery plans for our clients.

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