EDR: Endpoint Detection and Response, and Why it is Important?

What is Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)?

Securing your business networks and data is very much like ‘digital policing’. An aspect of policing goes to reacting to crimes being committed, but other aspects of policing which are less visible include systems to prevent or deter crime. That is what Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) focuses upon – preventing and deterring an attack.

EDR protects vulnerable points to your network(s) and data where attacks usually begin from (called network endpoints). By using software to scan and monitor those endpoints, Britec can detect, identify, and stop attacks before they put your business at risk. Those attacks are then logged, learned from, and allowing for new proactive strategies to be put in place for your business.

Ryan on the Britec team says:

“…it’s a proactive approach to endpoint security and enterprise security as a whole. EDR not only has the ability to “detect”, but also the ability to “respond”. This is leaps and bounds better that waiting for notifications and trusting that users will report them to be actioned upon. EDR enables a much more efficient means of centralized management of threats by IT departments and it meets or exceeds best practices especially when it comes to compliance policies and insurance.”

EDR is your first line of defence. It is robust and efficient enough to help you maintain security on all your systems. This comprehensive approach to security will give you better management strategies instead of juggling a bunch of different items and hoping (or praying) they all work…

Our EDR solution comes in one package which includes but not limited to : antivirus, malware prevention, industry-leading threat detection, content control, process monitoring, web filtering, intrusion detection, cross-endpoint detection and response, time-saving reporting and alerting, and ransomware mitigation . EDR streamlines your security and keeps it efficient. This system also gives you a boost when it comes to compliance with insurance providers. EDR monitors your network to uncover suspicious activity early and provides the tools to enable you to fight-off cyber-attacks.

Britec can help you understand the benefits and deploy the EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) in your organization. Let us know if you have any questions or reach out to us at Britec.