BusinessVision version 2023 is now available!

Business Software Solutions are part of an ever-evolving landscape, and Sage is no exception.

Britec is thrilled to announce support for Sage BusinessVision V.2023, with significant improvements to the back-end structure and functionality of the software to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The most up-to-date version of BusinessVision comes with a host of improvements, including:

  • Windows 11 support
  • A new database engine
  • Significant performance enhancements

Database Improvements

The new database engine in BusinessVision V.  2023 uses the Actian Zen 15 database engine. The Actian Zen 15 database engine includes many improvements over the Pervasive PSQL v.10 engine used in previous versions.

  • 64-bit Microkernel Engine: For better performance and scalability through larger cache sizes
  • Multi-Core Support: Improved performance and scalability on multi-core hardware
  • Performance Monitor Counters: Adds the ability to monitor engine health and performance from PerfMon
  • SQL Performance Improvements: SQL engine is faster for DELETE and LIKE/ILIKE operations
  • IPV6 Network Support: Adds support for native IPv6
  • Windows 11 compatibility enhancement

When upgrading from BusinessVision 2019 or earlier, the database engine will be upgraded automatically during installation.

Should you have any questions about this upgrade, or any other BusinessVision questions contact our experts for help at Britec.