An easy to use resource manager which includes self-serve web & mobile options!

Many of our clients are looking for a powerful and easy-to-utilize tool for tracking team/employee expenses, purchases, and frequently like to combine this with employee time usage (if they don’t have an existing solution).

A key feature is a web and mobile based employee portal for logging expenses, purchases, as well as time entry – which directly integrates with Sage 300.

Question: What is the core problem Britec Expense Management for Sage 300 is solving?

Answer: The key problem this software addon solves is making disjointed processes go away, solving challenges surrounding duplicate data entry, and helping solve struggles with unorganized data.

Question: What is the result you’ve seen using Britec Expense Management?

Answer: The results have been amazing. It reduces work that is typically manual and tedious by a tremendous amount.

Question: What is a powerful result of the new expenses module?

Answer: The elimination of excel spreadsheets to manage everything, replacing it with a fully integrated and automated system for expenses.

Question: What is the best part of the time-usage module?

Answer: The elimination of duplicate data entry by providing a fully digital approach for submission all the way to approval to payroll.

Key features of our Sage 300 Resource Manager

  • Web/Mobile Employee Portal

    Your office and remote teams can access an employee portal for a real-time entry and approvals process.

  • Seamless Sage 300 Integration

    The resource manager is built for Sage 300, providing seamless integration into the Sage 300 backend.

  • Multi-level Workflows

    You can setup simple or complex workflows and approval processes. This can include documents as requisitions.

  • Email Alert Requests

    Powerful document requisition exists for both submission and approvals using quick and easy email alerts.

  • Extensive Reporting

    This includes the ability to create powerful reports which give you fast and useful visibility into resourcing tasks.

Video Resources

More about expense tracking in Sage 300

The expenses module of the resourcing manager allows entry of employee expenses which are catalogued to any parameters you want (divisions, regions, departments, etc).

Expenses can be registered against projects, tasks, and phases – giving you visibility to expenses costs incurred on projects (or parts of a project).

  • Direct integration with Sage 300.
  • Create AR invoices to bill customers for billable expenses.
  • Set up expense budgets and limits to keep things in check.
  • Options to make expenses billable/non-billable.
  • Further options for reimbursable/non-reimbursable expenses.
  • Create unlimited expense codes with a specific G/L account.
  • Enter expenses in multi-currency and in quantity.
  • Attach a document (or multiple) to an expense report.

There are also modules available for requisition and purchase management. This includes purchase requisition, item usages requisition, A/P invoice requisition and Custom Requisition.

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