A Holiday Message from Britec

As the year ends and families come together for Christmas, we celebrate this time and think on our values and are thankful for what we have. It is also a time to relax and reflect on the past year and to gaze into the new year on the horizon.

This past year was a very exciting one for Britec. We were able to make significant accomplishments in our field. We explored and developed skills in software development, a true cloud ERP program and cyber security. We met new colleagues that are at the top of the game. Britec delivered many projects and resolved any issues our customers were facing.

Since the introduction of the PC with floppy disks, there has never been a major paradigm shift as we experienced this year with the use and adoption of Artificial Intelligence. AI is now known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. AI will change everything in our daily lives. Our work, home, leisure, education, medicine, agriculture, distribution, and all other fields will be reshaped. With the power of the CPU chip and memory with high-speed networks, the velocity and pace of change will be unprecedented. This will transform us.

Cyber security is a very important issue. Attacks continue from all over the world. The attacks are persistent and getting smarter with the use of AI. I predict that cyber-attacks will become increasingly sophisticated, and the protection must outpace them. We continue to work daily on cyber security. We strive to evaluate these threats daily and respond by keeping all systems up to date and making the users aware.

A new report from Deloitte Canada highlighted that many Canadian Small Business need to adopt digital technologies to stay competitive internationally, grow, be resilient and obtain financing. The study found that one main challenge small businesses face is cost, with over 92% of businesses saying so. With the fast pace of software and the many choices in the marketplace, it is hard to determine what the best choice is.

In 2024, we will continue to work with customers for productivity improvements. We will always bring new “best-value” technologies to share and where feasible, deploy them. We will continue to support our customers day-to-day with technical issues. We will bring our skills and knowledge to be the best in the world. We will continue to work with our colleagues of all diverse disciplines, from security to database to applications.

In 2024 we will mark our 36th year in business. We continue to be the end-to-end solutions provider to our customers. It excites us when we can do what we wish to be doing.

I wish you the best of successes in 2024.