Microsoft SQL Server & Database Maintenance Tips

Why is SQL Server & Database maintenance required for every organization?

  • Boost up system performance and prevent data loss.
  • Optimize data to speed up the applications.
  • Maintain data integrity.

 SQL Server & Database Maintenance Best Practices

  • Apply latest patches as part of SQL Server maintenance. Microsoft releases new security patches which may be SQL-related on the second Tuesday of each month (Patch Tuesday).
  • Ensure that the daily backup routines are executing accurately.

    Backup Database

  • Check for available disk space and allocating as needed.
  • Check the size of transaction logs and follow the grooming routine of the logs.
  • Rebuild index if needed to optimize the data. Database fragmentation can occur in the form of gaps in data pages and can drop the database performance.
  • Check the fragmentation level before and after database maintenance tasks.
  • Thoroughly document the action

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