New SysJoker attacks specific targets for espionage

A new Espionage called New SysJoker malware targets specific organizations. Windows, Mac OS and Linux at Risk.

A new threat SysJoker uses cross platform back door targeting the three major operating systems: Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It is an espionage system that has been in operation since the second half of 2021. “Based on victimology and malware’s behaviour we assess that SysJoker is after specific targets.” says Intezer researchers. Whoever is running these attacks is looking for targets they know, and want to spy on.

This attack is new:

This attack allows the malware to run arbitrary commands and executables, following which results are delivered straight to the hacker, leading to your system being compromised.
SysJoker is a new type of attack and it is still unclear who the hackers are, though it would appear they are targeting the advanced sector.

Your best defence is to keep your systems updated and watch out for this particular attack since it is new and the situation is continuing to evolve.

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